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Main data original Model 1: 100
Length over all: 91.83 m 91.83 cm
Width on frames: 13.50 m 13.50 cm
Draft max .: 5.26 m 5.26 cm
Weight: 4096 t 4.096 kg
Speed: 10.0 kn 0.051 m / s

For the same wave pattern, a speed of 0.514 m / s should be selected.

The plan shows the line plan as well as detailed side and deck views. For further details, HNA standard sheets can be obtained from the publisher, which show the most important pieces of equipment. Original drawings served as the source.

Steel corner

SKU: 1048
  • The freight steamer STAHLECK belongs to the standard freighters type Hansa A. The steamer was launched on June 1, 1944 at Scheepsbouwerf & Machinefabriek De Klop NV in Schliedrecht ais MARIENBURG. Completion was relocated to Hamburg in autumn. In 1945 the almost finished freighter sank after a bomb hit. In 1952 the freighter was lifted, sealed and docked. The ship was towed to Bremerhaven and completed at the technical operations of Norddeutscher Lloyd and delivered to DDG Hansa Bremen on October 14th, 1952 as a steel corner. In 1956 the freighter was renamed KATTENTURM. 1962 sold as MATEO to Santa Clara Shipping & Trading Co. Panama. In 1976/77 the ship was canceled.

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