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Main data Original model 1:50 Length over all: 53.95 m 107.60 cm Width over all: 1 2.40 m 24.80 cm Draft max .: 2.00 m 4.00 cm

A speed of 0.85 m / s should be selected for the same wave pattern.

The plan set consists of 3 sheets and shows the line plan, the side, deck, front and rear views as well as details. Original plans from the shipyard were available for the drawings.


SKU: 6034
  • The iron paddle steamers SALAMANDER and NIXE were built by Robinson & Russel in London. The ships used for the Prussian Navy were not particularly popular with the crews and were rarely used. When a school frigate was needed and the Royal Navy needed small steam-powered vehicles for the Crimean War, the 38-gun frigate of the Royal Navy was exchanged. The Avisos were renamed RECRUIT and WESER and moved to the Black Sea. In 1869 and 1973, respectively, they were sold to the public. Since dimensions are imprecise and cannot be clearly seen in the documents, the dimensions from the Gröner were used as a basis.
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