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Main data original Model 1: 50/1: 100
Length over all: 57.91 m 105.82 cm / 57.91 cm
Width on frames: 8.40 m 16.8 cm / 8.40 cm
Draft max .: 3.28 m 6.56 cm / 3.28 cm
Weight: 1015 t 8.12 kg / 1.015 kg
Speed: 10.0 kn 0.103 m / s / 0.051 m / s

For the same wave pattern, 0.727 m / s should be selected on a scale of 1:50 and 0.514 m / s on a scale of 1: 100.

The plan set consists of 2 sheets and shows the port and star side side view, deck view and line plan. As well as 4 A4 sheets with the ribs, the anchor winch, the loading winch and the mast base. Details (HNA standards) can be ordered from the publisher. Request via eMail. A general plan from the shipyard was available for the set of plans. The line plan was reconstructed from an almost sister ship.


SKU: 1026
  • In 1910 the cargo steamer PERSEUS was built for the steam shipping company Neptun, Bremen at the Werft AG Weser, Bremen. With the folding masts and chimney, he was able to navigate the Rhine as far as the Duiburg harbor. The freighter survived World War I and remained in service with the shipping company. In 1944 the freighter ran into a mine and sank.

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