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Main data Original Model 1:50
Length over all: 47.25 m 94.50 cm
Width on frames: 5.30 m 10.60 cm
Draft max .: 1.47 m 2.94 cm

A speed of 1.65 m / s should be selected for the same wave pattern.

The set of plans consists of 1 sheet and shows the line plan, the side, deck, front and rear views as well as cross-sections. Original plans from the shipyard were available for the drawings.


SKU: 6035
  • After the torpedo boats of the Austro-Hungarian Navy in 1894 no longer met the requirements with regard to seaworthiness, speed and radius of action, the companies Yarrow, England, and Schichau in Elbing received the order to build a model boat each. A displacement of 130 over 140 t was required. The boat built near Schichau in 1896 was named NATTER.
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