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Main data Original Model 1: 50/1: 100
Length over all: 76.20 m 152.40 cm / 76.20 cm
Width on frames: 10.20 m 20.40 cm / 10.20 cm
Draft max .: 4.50 m 9.00 cm / 4.50 cm

The set of plans consists of 2 sheets and shows the line plan, side, deck, front and rear view on a scale of 1: 100. The frame crack is enlarged to a scale of 1:50. The documents for the plan have been published in the specialist literature.


SKU: 6016
  • The freight and passenger steamer SCHWAN was built in 1907 by the Neptun corporation in Rostock for the Birem steamship company Argo. The steamer was specially built for the Bremen-London trip. The main dimensions were determined by the London berths.
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