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Main data Original model 1: 100 Length over all: 122.05 m 122.05 cm Width on frames: 14.00 m 14.00 cm Draft max .: 5.88 m 5.88 cm Weight: 4460 t 4.46 kg Speed: 21.53 kn 0.11 m / s

For the same wave pattern, a speed of 1.108 m / s should be selected.

The set of plans consists of 4 panels and shows the ship in a line plan, side and deck views, as well as many details. The plan was created with the help of original drawings from the Reichsmarineamt.


SKU: 2016
  • After negative experiences that Kaiser Wilhelm II had with the old paddle steamer HOHENZOLLERN, he tried to get funding for a new building from the Reichstag. The ship had to be built as a warship in order for the funds to be approved. Despite considerable resistance in Parliament, the funds were made available for a new building in 1889/90. AG Vulcan Stettin received the order to build the new yacht. Officially, the ship should be listed as a faster notification in the fleet list. On June 27th, 1892 the new building was christened HOHENZOLLERN by the Empress. After trials, the yacht was put into service on April 8, 1893. Painting plan: See note on drawings
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