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Main data original Model 1: 100
Length over all: 105.10 m 105.10 cm
Width on frames: 12.40 m 12.40 cm
Draft max .: 5.62 m 5.62 cm
Weight: 3180 t 3.18 kg
Speed: 21.5 kn 0.1106 m / s

For the same wave pattern, a speed of 1.107 m / s should be selected.

The plan set consists of 2 sheets DIN A0 and shows the side views of port and starboard, upper, poop, stern deck, bridge and observation deck. Many cross-sections and details are shown on 64 A4 sheets of paper. The plan was created with the help of documents from the Reichsmarineamt.

Praise to women

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  • The small cruiser FRAUENLOB was launched on March 22nd, 1902 at the AG Weser in Bremen and was put into service on February 17th, 1903 after trials. Because of the experiences made with the cruisers of the GAZELLE class, the cruiser was widened by 20 cm.
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