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Main data Original Model 1: 100
Length over all: 46.11 m 46.11 cm
Width on frames: 10.60 m 10.60 cm
Draft max .: 3.20 m 3.20 cm
Speed: 10 kn 0.051 m / s

For the same wave pattern, a speed of 0.514 m / s should be selected.

The set of plans consists of 2 panels and shows the ship in a line plan, side and deck views, bow and stern views as well as cross-sections and many details. The plan was drawn up based on original drawings from the Reichsmarinamt.


SKU: 2001
  • The armored cannon boat WESPE belongs to a class of 11 ships that was designed for the defense of the German tidal flats and estuaries. SMS WESPE was launched on July 6th, 1876 at AG Weser. The ships were not particularly seaworthy and only performed subordinate service, mostly in ports. On August 28, 1900 the gunboat was decommissioned and ended up on the Rhine as a Prahm.

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