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Main data Original Model 1:50
Length over all: 49.80 m 99.60 cm
Width on frames: 6.60 m 13.20 cm
Draft max .: 1.20 m 2.40 cm

A speed of 0.75 m / s should be selected for the same wave pattern.

The set of plans consists of 2 sheets and shows the shape of the hull, the side, deck, front and rear views as well as cross-sections and details.

Marine ferry cream type D

SKU: 6037
  • About 700 naval ferry boats were built. Their properties as landing craft with a deep draft allowed them to be used in a variety of ways, but this was in turn restricted by the low side height in rough seas. The type D was built at many shipyards. That was probably also the reason that there were many variants in the equipment and armament.

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