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Main data Original Model 1: 50/1: 100
Length over all: 68.10 m 136.20 cm / 68.10 cm
Width on frames: 8.70 m 17.40 cm / 8.70 cm
Speed: 18.3 kn 0.188 m / s / 0.094 m / s

For the same wave pattern, a speed of 1.33 m / s or 0.94 m / s should be selected.

The plan consists of 2 panels and shows the line plan, side view, top views, cross-sections and details. The frame crack is enlarged for a 1:50 model. The plan was drawn up with the help of original documents.

M 13 - M 24

SKU: 2005
  • The boats M 13-16 were built at the HC Stölcken shipyard in Hamburg, nos. 17-19 at the Stettiner Oderwerke and M 20-24 were built at the Flender shipyard in Lübeck. Significant changes have been made with respect to M 1 - 12. The bulwark on the upper deck became lower. The frame davit for the motorboat is more eye-catching. From 1939 the upper deck was no longer covered with wood and the rear mast was also shortened. Here, too, some boats were spoiled by war. M 24 fell to the USA and was used to clear mines in the North Sea. In 1947 France was awarded the boat and put it into service under the name AILETTE. The German Navy received the ship back in 1957 and operated under the name WESPE as an escort ship until 1963.

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