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Main data Original model 1: 100 Overall length: 124.10 m 124.10 cm Width on frames: 14.94 m 14.94 cm Draft max .: 5.54 m 5.54 cm Weight: 6565 t 6.565 kg Speed: 13.3 kn 0.068 m / s

A speed of 0.684 m / s should be selected for the same wave pattern.

The plan shows the line plan and detailed side and deck views. Drawings of the PUNGO and various photos of the Möve served as the source. The lines have been reconstructed.


SKU: 1054
  • The auxiliary cruiser MÖVE ran in 1914 as PUNGO at drJohn C. Tecklenborg shipyard in Geestemünde for the shipping company F. Laisz vom
    Stack and was completed in 1915. World War I had broken out. The steamer was on the stakes in Bremen instead of fetching bananas from Cameroon. On November 1, 1915, the steamer was put into service as a Hilskreuzer. The auxiliary cruiser sank 39 ships on 2 patrols. After the war, the ship was awarded to a British shipping company and renamed GREENBRIER. In 1933 the GREENBRIER was sold to the Deutsche Seeverkehrs-AG and renamed Oldenburg. In 1945 the OLDENBURG was sunk in an air raid in Sandefjord.

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