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Main data Original Model 1:50
Length over all: 53.80 m 107.60 cm
Width on frames: 8.30 m 16.60 cm
Draft max .: 2.70 m 5.40 cm

A speed of 1.4 m / s should be selected for the same wave pattern.

The set of plans consists of 3 sheets and shows the outline, the side, deck, front and rear views as well as details. Original plans from the shipyard were available for the drawings.


SKU: 6033
  • In the early 1930s, Norderwerft AG commissioned the construction of an air traffic control ship for the recovery of seaplanes that had landed in the Wadden Sea on the Schleswig-Holstein coast and in the German Bight. The plan shows the KRISCHAN II, which entered service in 1935. In 1936 the ship was renamed GÜNTHER PLÜSCHOW. In 1946 the ship was handed over to the USSR and was named PRUT.

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