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Main data Original Model 1:50
Length over all: 55.10 m 110.20 cm
Width on frames: 9.50 m 19.00 cm
Draft max .: 3.95 m 7.90 cm

A speed of 1.1 m / s should be selected for the same wave pattern.

The set of plans consists of 3 sheets and shows the line plan, superstructure walls and overdecks as well as details 1:50 and the side, deck, front and rear views on a scale of 1: 100. Original plans from the shipyard were available for the drawings.

Commodore Rolin

SKU: 6026
  • The pilot transfer ship KOMMODORE ROLIN is one of 6 ships. Three of them were on duty in front of the Elbe estuary, two in front of the Weser estuary and one in front of the Ems. The ships alternate on station every two weeks.

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