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Main data original Model 1: 100
Length over all: 91.83 m 91.83 cm
Width on frames: 13.50 m 13.50 cm
Draft max .: 6.18 m 6.18 cm
Weight: 5210 t 5.21 kg
Speed: 10.0 kn 0.051 m / s

For the same wave pattern, a speed of 0.514 should be chosen.

The set of plans consists of 2 sheets and shows the port and starboard side view, deck views and line plan. The frame crack is made on a DIN A4 sheet. represented. Details (HNA standards) can be ordered from the publisher. Request via eMail. Original documents from the shipyard were available for drawing up the plan.


SKU: 1043
  • The KARLSHAFEN is one of the series freighters of the Hansa A type. The steamer was delivered to Hapag at the Deutsche Werft in 1944. From April 1944, the Navy started using the ship as a transporter. In August the freighter was sunk by three bombs in the port of Hamburg and lifted a month later, and another bomb hit in December. While swimming, the freighter became the spoils of British war and was sold to Greece in 1947 and was named HERON II. 1969 sold to Panama as FONG LUNG. 1971 HORNG DAR continued under the Panama flag. Demolition in Taiwan

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