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Main data Original Model 1:50
Length over all: 28.50 m 57.00 cm
Width on frames: 5.60 m 11.20 cm
Draft max .: 0.40 m 0.8 cm

The set of plans consists of 2 sheets and shows the side view, the longitudinal section of the fuselage and the bow and stern view. Next is the top view of the rigging parts and details.


SKU: 6013
  • In the Ems area, a centuries-old type of ship survived until the 1930s, which was only based on the Ems. This cargo ship was previously mainly built in Haren / Ems and was therefore also known under the name Harener Pünte. The name comes from the Latin word ponto, which means something like raft or flat cargo ship. In Holland they spoke of the Eems punt.

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