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Main data original Model 1: 100
Length over all: 61.00 m 61.00 cm
Width on frames: 15.00 m 15.00 cm
Draft max .: 5.90 m 5.90 cm
Weight: 2090 t 2.09 kg
Speed: 12.5 kn 0.0643 m / s

A speed of 0.640 m / sec should be selected for the same wave pattern.

The plan consists of 3 DIN A1 sheets and 12 DIN A4 sheets and shows the line plan, side and top views. In addition, cross-sections and front and rear views. The main details and a perspective drawing.


SKU: 2015
  • The icebreaker EISVOGEL was completed in 1942 on the Aalborg Varvet in Denmark for the Navy. During the war, the icebreaker was used in the Baltic Sea region. After the war, the icebreaker was part of the Soviet spoils of war and was used on the Baltic coast under the name ILJA MUROMETZ.

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