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Main data Original model 1: 100 Length over all: 98.55 m 98.55 cm Width on frames: 9.20 m 9.20 cm Draft max .: 2.97 m 2.97 cm Speed: 36.5 kn 0.188 m / s

For the same wave pattern, a speed of 1.88 m / s should be selected.

The sheet set consists of 2 arches and shows the starboard side view, deck views, stern and bow view, line plan, transverse and details. The plan was created based on documents from the Reichsmarineamt.

B 98

SKU: 2004
  • In 1914 the Imperial Navy ordered 6 large torpedo boats from the Blohm & Voss shipyard and were given the numbers B 97, 98, 109, 110, 111 and 112. These boats could already be regarded as destroyers. B 98 was launched on January 2nd, 1915 and was put into service on March 24th, 1915. In the summer of 1916, the 8.8 cm guns were exchanged for 10.5 cm guns. B 98 fought during the Skagerak battle with II. T-boat flotilla. The boat later served in Flanders and was involved in the operation in the Gulf of Riga. It ran into a mine and lost the forecastle. After the repair, the boat was back in service with the 2nd Flotilla. After the armistice, the boat was used as a mail boat between the interned fleet in Scapa Flow and home. On June 21, 1919, the boat ran aground while scuttling and broke in two.
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